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Why Do So Many High-Achievers Choose to Become a Private Tutor in Singapore?

The tuition industry in Singapore is highly extensive to the point of extreme competitiveness. This is because of the country’s competitive pursuit towards high academic and education standards. Parents in Singapore scramble to search for private tutoring for their children whether their children are having difficulties with specific subjects or just to keep up with academic expectations. Private tutoring is a convenient and flexible way for students to improve their chances of entering a university and a career of their choosing. Tutoring has now become a high-demand job in Singapore. At this point, you can find out more about private tutor in Singapore.

Most private tutors in Singapore are high achievers, that is, teachers or specialists in their field with outstanding qualifications and coming from top Singapore and Ivy League universities. These high achievers are much sought after by top and reliable private tuition agencies.

So, why do so many high achievers in Singapore choose to be private tutors? Is the pay higher than a career in teaching or an established company? Let’s’ find out by first starting with the job profile.

What do private tutors do?

Private tutors are basically independent contractors who offer their tutoring services to school students. Most of these tutors are qualified teachers, academics, or professionals who have chosen to work independently either on a part-time or full-time basis, usually under the umbrella of a tuition agency.

Tutoring services are usually given to individual students, though some tutors can also service small groups of students, or do online courses. Many of these tutoring professionals have been working for many years and have developed high-quality teaching skills, experience, and expertise.

A private tutor’s duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Teaching school students directly on a one-to-one basis. Tutoring can also be done online.
  • Preparing study and sample test/exam materials for students.
  • Managing students’ progress and monitoring report card grades regularly.
  • Doing research and producing new methods of teaching that will suit different learning styles or needs of students.
  • Managing student-tutor relationships and building rapport with the parents and students.
  • Understanding the student’s needs and being able to effectively communicate with them.
  • Meeting the student’s expectations and building trust with them so both feel comfortable working with each other.

What do private tutors earn?

Tuition rates may vary depending on the location of the student, the student’s level, and what specific subject. The rate is on an hourly basis. It can also depend on the tutor’s qualifications and experience. This is why many professionals prefer to be employed by a reliable tuition agency. The agency sets the permanent rate for the tutor while doing all the hand-picking and pairing up with a student.

Thus, it is understandable that an agency will charge more for a tutor working with a student preparing for the GCE A-Levels than for a student who is in Primary 6. For many professionals, it is actually a good way to earn money while working fewer hours each week, assuming the tutoring is full-time.

Why do many choose private tutoring jobs?

Many teachers and professionals choose to become private tutors because they can earn a living without having to work long hours or teach large classrooms. They can work at their own pace while still pursuing a passion for teaching. Even when the agency sets the tutor’s tutoring schedule, they don’t have to worry about long daily commutes, and the hours are quite flexible.

Even private tutors teaching on a part-time basis can shift around their schedule depending on their day job circumstances. They can even search for better jobs while still teaching as a private tutor.

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