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Used Trucks In Kelowna – Plenty of Options

When it comes to used trucks in Kelowna, there are plenty of options. From the NISSAN Frontier mid-size pickup truck from KELOWNA NISSAN to the LEXUS RX HYBRID ELECTRIC SUV from KELOWNA MERCEDES-BENZ.

A professional dump truck driver got a little too enthusiastic recently when driving through an intersection (or multiple) with his box extended into the air.

Box Trucks for Sale

Box Trucks for sale at KELOWNA NISSAN are multi-purpose work trucks that can be used as delivery vehicles, cargo haulers or service trucks. Our box truck inventory includes both mid-size and full-size pickup trucks. Whether you need a compact NISSAN Frontier with a 6490-pound towing capacity or a larger, more powerful NISSAN Titan, we have the perfect truck for your needs.

Brutus truck bodies are designed for the rugged Canadian climate. These heavy-duty work truck bodies are built to the highest standards using the finest materials, construction, and equipment. This ensures your truck body has a long trouble-free life, even in the demanding forestry, construction, mining, and oilfield sectors of our country. Check out our box truck inventory to find the right one for your business today!

Commercial Trucks for Sale

If you need a commercial truck to get the job done, we have a wide selection of used work trucks for sale. From a single-person delivery truck to an entire fleet of semi-trucks, we have the right truck for any job. Our trucks are also available for rent.

We offer a great variety of medium-duty trucks from the Isuzu N-Series and F-Series. These trucks are designed for your everyday business needs and feature groundbreaking technologies. Our experts are on hand to help you select the right model for your business.

For a well-maintained and versatile commercial truck, look no further than the used truck for sale at U-Haul. These gently used work trucks are multi-purpose and can be used as a delivery truck, service truck, commercial or utility truck, mobile billboard, or storage truck. Each vehicle has been fleet maintained throughout its “Rental Life.” U-Haul has box trucks for sale at locations near Kelowna, BC, V1Y6H7.

Utility Trucks for Sale

When a company in the oilfield, septic, excavating or construction industry needs a hydro-vac or combo-vac truck these are incredibly large investments that need to be made. If you are looking to save money on the initial purchase of one of these trucks and still get a capable vehicle that has the options you need consider buying a used one instead of a new one.

KELOWNA NISSAN has many models of utility trucks for sale that will get you the job done. From a mid-size pickup like the NISSAN FRONTIER with up to 6,400 pounds of towing capacity to a full-size truck like the NISSAN TITAN which offers more power and towing capability.

We also have a variety of light-duty work vehicles for sale that can be used as a delivery truck, service truck or storage vehicle. The Chevrolet Silverado for example comes in a variety of engine options and is extremely capable of towing.

Service Trucks for Sale

The Okanagan offers a variety of outdoor activities and places to explore. Owning a truck is vital to getting to many of these best-kept secrets. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just need a reliable way to get around, U-Haul has the used truck for you.

U-Haul has the largest selection of gently used work trucks for sale in West Kelowna, BC. These multi-purpose used trucks can be utilized as delivery trucks, cargo trucks, service trucks, commercial or utility trucks, mobile billboard and storage trucks. All of our trucks are fleet maintained throughout their “Rental Life” and most have been in service for a minimum of six years.

Milron has a large selection of aluminum service truck bodies for all types of industries in the province of British Columbia, Canada. We offer truck bodies featuring cranes, aerial devices, buckets, welders, custom compartmentalization, flatbeds and more.



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