PRINCE2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments , which means “Projects in Controlled Environments” . The number 2 simply refers to the fact that PRINCE2 is the optimized, second version of the method.

PRINCE2 is a  project management method widely used in over 150 countries that is particularly well suited to a complex and constrained environment . PRINCE2 is defined as a structured method that focuses on organizing and controlling the entire project which can be learned how from the PMP Certification, from the start to finish. from start to finish.

This means that each project follows a detailed plan, each phase is well defined (in terms of time and tasks) and all details are fine-tuned before the project is completed. In other words: it is based on organization, management and control.

The story of PRINCE2 in a few words

PRINCE was invented in the UK in the 1970s for IT projects .

It was renamed PRINCE2 when a new version of the method was released in 1996.

It now follows a more general approach and is no longer exclusively intended for web projects . The method is applicable for the management of all kinds of projects as it was recently updated in 2017 by AXELOS, the company that owns the PRINCE2 brand. Today in Europe it is widespread in both the private and public sectors .

How does PRINCE2 work?

PRINCE2 is a certification that is obtained by attending a seminar and passing the final exams. There are no prerequisites for participation .

There are only two exams to pass to earn certification:

  • the PRINCE2® Foundation,
  • and the PRINCE2® (agile) practitioner.

The PRINCE2 method provides a solid methodological foundation in the following areas:

  • project management
  • Prepare a project
  • initiating a project
  • Creation of defined roles and responsibilities in the team
  • Adapt to the project environment
  • managing product delivery
  • Control over management phases
  • Managing a phase transition of the project
  • Successful completion of a project
  • Ongoing business justification of the product/company/team etc.

Successful completion of the certification certifies that you have understood how the method works, but does not confirm the knowledge that project managers are required to have.

Benefits of PRINCE2

Although PRINCE2 was created for the IT world, it has made its adaptability well known among professionals from different fields. Here are some of the advantages of this methodology:

  • PRINCE2 is a very good reference in the world of project management and requires no prior knowledge .
  • The training is accessible to all and the certification exam is available in 19 languages .
  • The technology offers a structural framework for rational project management and ensures a successful project.
  • Your logic and vocabulary are standardized and allow for a fluent exchange between employees.
  • It is intended for crisis management and problem solving .
  • It promotes a continuous learning process .


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