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Newtop Rubber: Silicone Manufacturer You Should Not Miss

After more than 2 years of restrictions, home office, remote teaching and very few leisure activities, vaccinations are on the rise and life has finally returned to normal, and people have started to prepare for the most awaited summer ever.

Everyone hoped to be able to meet friends again, go out at night, go to the beach and, although it is still necessary to wear a mask and avoid large agglomerations, everything indicates that soon everything will be 100% free.

The return to face-to-face work, churches, gyms and streets will bring a joy not seen for a long time, for most people, and with that it is natural that everyone wants to get dressed again, dress well and regain self, often erased by the lack of conviviality and the courage to prepare to stay at home.

Today we are going to talk about a trend that is on the rise in 2022, which are fashion accessories made of silicone, that’s right you read, made of SILICONE!


The colorful silicone accessories are pure high spirits and that’s exactly what people need: joy.

Sets, bracelets, rings, and beads of different colors in the same pieces are one of the trends that promise to be very successful in the hottest seasons of the year.

And best of all, we have the company Newtop Rubber that specializes in silicone overmolding, that is, which guarantees totally unique and personalized pieces.

The idea is excellent for those who like the look, and want to dare in the different and cheerful!


Are you from the following team, many rings or few rings? rings? We have silicone too!

Colorful, neutral, discreet and daring, in this new trend we have many options of textures and colors, you know in childhood that ring of friends? You had? Can you imagine having one of these in durable and soft silicone?

These pieces are a great way to add personality to any look, whether working as the highlight of a basic outfit or as a balance point in a sophisticated look.

At Newtop Rubber we have the best silicone rings, which are worth checking out!

Accessories are pieces capable of transforming any look and with silicone accessories it will be no different, they promise to be the protagonists of compositions. Silicone beads, for example, are the bet of summer 2022. They make the look more colorful and fun and appear in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

“They were in evidence in the summer of 2021, they were quite successful. This year, it couldn’t be different. They are completely on trend this summer 2022, only in neon colors”, said the fashion stylist.

The summer of 2022 has arrived more colorful than ever. Vibrant colors and neon promise to bring personality and joy to productions. “These are the combinations of the most diverse types of accessories that will give a totally new look for 2022”, says fashion specialist

Now that you’ve seen the great advantages of opting for a silicone fashion accessory, be sure to meet the manufacturer of these quality items. Accessories are still on the rise and in different sizes, shapes and textures. But regardless of the trend, the important thing is to feel good about what you wear.



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