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Multi State Registered Agent Services

It is typically legal for a business to serve as its own registered agent, but it’s often more practical and convenient to use a professional service. A good registered agent company is familiar with state laws and regulations and a reliable source of information for businesses.

The best multi state registered agents have competitive prices, great customer support, and a solid track record.


A good registered agent service provides more than just a physical address in New York. They also offer valuable services like mail scanning and forwarding, help with business formations, and compliance filing reminders. For example, New York LLC formation company LegalZoom offers registered agent services for $299 per year in all 50 states. They’re a little more expensive than some competitors, but they include local business guide support and full mail scanning and forwarding services with their package.

The best registered agents will go above and beyond by letting you know when they receive important documents, like official government correspondence or legal documents. They’ll scan and upload them to an online system that you can access with your email or online account. Many will even remind you about upcoming deadlines for things like annual reports or business licensing. That way, you can stay on top of your compliance requirements and save time by reducing your workload.


Many registered agent services provide a range of additional business services that can help streamline your small business operations. Some will scan important documents and upload them into your online account to give you immediate access, and others will remind you of upcoming deadlines for filing annual reports or other state compliance forms.

Some will even include identity theft protection in their package. One of the best is Northwest Registered Agent ($125/year), which offers a full suite of legal services for small businesses and a dedicated Corporate Guide to offer personalized support throughout your business journey.

Other popular registered agents, like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, also offer a variety of other legal services for a reasonable fee. The great thing is that you can sign up for their registered agent service and these other services all through the same portal, which saves you a lot of time and hassle. Plus, they have a wide network of registered agents that can handle your business in any state where you operate.


A big part of the job for a registered agent is sorting through junk mail and getting important documents to business owners. This is one reason why a registered agent service can be a valuable investment for a business, but it’s just as important to look for a service that goes above and beyond.

A good registered agent will also hold onto official government notices, like tax forms and annual reports, and provide digital access to all of the paperwork. This can save businesses a lot of time and money.

Finally, a great registered agent will be available at all times, not just during business hours. This will help companies stay on top of deadlines and reduce the risk of losing important paperwork. Using a single registered agent in multiple states will also keep processes streamlined and make things easier for business owners. This includes consolidated billing and a single point of contact. This can be a major benefit for larger business owners looking to grow.


A registered agent is the legal address for a business in each state where it operates. Individuals or businesses appoint this person or company to receive service of process, official government documents and compliance alerts, among other duties. Many business owners opt to hire a professional registered agent service for convenience and security.

The top registered agents have strict privacy policies and are committed to keeping your information private. Some also make it easy for you to manage your registrations in all 50 states from a single account, making it easier to stay in compliance with annual reporting deadlines.

One of the best multi state registered agent services is Northwest Registered Agent, which has a reputation for providing personalized customer support. They are the only major registered agent service that locally scans every document they receive on behalf of clients (including service of process), and they have an in-house support team, unlike many competitors who outsource their customer service.



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