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How Incfile Can Save You Time and Money When Starting a Business

A good idea is to put six months of business expenses into savings before launching your company. This will give you a cushion in case any unforeseen issues arise.

Incfile will help you establish LLCs, S corporations, C corporations and nonprofits for as little as $0 plus state fees. It will also help you get an EIN for a flat fee of $119 per year through its Gold or Platinum packages.

1. Save Time

When you use Incfile, you don’t have to worry about filing the paperwork on your own. They offer a service called LLC Next Day Processing, which ensures that your paperwork is filed the same business day you submit it.

The company also offers services like business name searches, a DBA (doing business as) file, and annual reporting help. These are useful if you want to avoid getting in trouble with the state.

If you opt for the Gold or higher package, you will receive an EIN tax number within seconds. This is an essential service for LLCs, but it isn’t available with the free package.

ZenBusiness charges a little more for these services, but it does offer more options for different types of business structures, including decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It also provides ongoing Registered Agent and compliance reminders. The prices for these services are similar to those of Incfile. The difference is that the prices of ZenBusiness’s premium packages are billed annually.

2. Save Money

For those looking for ways to save money when starting a business, there are plenty of options available. One of the most important is avoiding those one-time costs that are required to get your business up and running. These can include fees for incorporation and other state filings, but also could include things like a new computer or equipment.

Another way to save money is using a service such as Incfile that offers discounted rates for first-year registered agent services. Many businesses decide to take advantage of this and delegate the task of complying with annual filing requirements to a third-party.

The Gold package offered by IncFile includes Lifetime Company Alerts that keep you updated on business compliance, which can be a big help. This feature, along with contract templates and website hosting and email are part of what makes this plan a good option for those looking to grow their business. The Platinum package is more expensive, but also includes expedited processing of LLC documents by the state and a free domain name.

3. Save the Environment

Incfile is a company that helps business owners register their LLCs in the United States. It also helps them with documentation and filing procedures, demystifies terms like “registered agent” and “EIN,” and provides a large library of information for new business owners through its resource center. It is a good option for business owners on a budget, as it offers cheap pricing and an easy-to-use interface.

Its plans start at $0 and include next-day processing, unlimited name availability searches, a custom dashboard tool, finance management tools, company alerts, and courtesy reminders for renewals and compliance deadlines. The company also has a Platinum package for more advanced LLC registration assistance and expedited filing. It also includes a lifetime company alert feature and additional finance management tools such as sales tax calculators. The company does frequently attempt to up-sell its clients, however, which can be annoying for business owners who just want to get started on their business quickly.

4. Save Yourself from Legal Issues

Besides helping you register your business, Incfile can also help you get an EIN (Employer Identification Number), which is like a Social Security number for your business. This is an important step in creating a separate legal identity for your business and separating its finances from your personal assets. It will also make it easier to open bank accounts, hire employees, and apply for loans. Incfile can help you obtain an EIN for a fee of $99 or less.

They can also help you file the necessary reports to keep your company in good standing with the state. This includes annual report filings, which is a requirement to remain in good standing with the state of incorporation.

In addition, they can help you obtain a Certificate of Authority, which is required to do business in other states. This is a great option if you plan on expanding your business to other states or opening branches in different locations.



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