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How Easily Can Your Skin Tan? Know Here

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Before you hop into a salon to get a tan, you must have a little knowledge about your skin color and how well it accepts the sun.

Of course, tanning salons are professional in their job, yet having basic knowledge will help you figure out whether the salon is worth it. 

Classification of skin color for tanning 

Thomas Fitzpatrick, a dermatologist from Harvard Medical School, developed a scale in 1975 to classify skin complexion based on the skin’s tolerance to sunlight. This scale is today known as the Fitzpatrick Phototype Scale. 

The scale classifies skin into six types based on the amount of melanin, which is the pigment responsible for skin color, hair, and eyes. 

Here is the classification:

  • Pale white skin – Hardly tans, burns very easily.
  • White or fair skin – Tans with difficulty, generally burns.
  • Cream white skin – Tans slowly, can burn mildly. 
  • Light brown skin – Tans easily, hardly burns. 
  • Dark brown skin – Tans quickly, rarely burns.
  • Deep brown skin – Tans very quickly, never burns. 

It is vital to associate only with the most reputable salons in your area. Search for “best tanning salon near me.” Reputable salons usually have skin experts that explain to the clients their skin type and how the process of tanning will go based on their skin. 

Sunbed tanning

Sunbed tanning utilizes the same rays of the sun. That’s why it is important to know about your skin type and its tolerance to the sun. 

For example, for pale white skin, the tanning expert of the salon won’t allow you to stay for more than one minute inside the tanning bed. This is because your skin is prone to burning very easily, which can turn into a tanning disaster. Also, be ready for multiple tanning sessions because you won’t get the perfect tan the first time. In fact, you may hardly get a tan. 

The expert may ask you to come after a week or so for another session. The time gap is essential to let your skin heal. It is not advisable to tan daily or within a short time. You must give your skin sufficient time to heal and let the tan set in before you go for another session. 

Heed your salon expert’s advice 

Please follow the instructions of your salon expert. They are skilled people in the field of tanning. Every day they tan people with different skin types and colors. So, they are better experienced than you in this process. 

Prestigious salons, such as the tanning salon in Coral Springs, are known to care for their customers’ skin. They offer pre and post-tanning tips and are particular about the entire tanning procedure. They don’t want a customer to go out burned. They want them to go out looking sensuously bronze or sun-kissed.

Discuss your doubts and queries with the experts candidly. Do not hesitate to ask questions. No question is silly when it comes to tanning. You must be clear about the entire process before you step inside a tanning bed. 



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