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Explore the 6 Reasons Why Beer is Good for You

Drinking beer excessively does cause intoxication. And it is important to drink beer sparingly. You must have wondered if there is anything beneficial about having a beer. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of drinking beer.

More Nutrition in Beer

Wine comes packed with antioxidants, and beer contains even more antioxidants. And the antioxidants are different because of the flavonoids that are present in barley and hops. These are not the same as those in grapes, however, antioxidants positively affect health.

Another great thing about beer is it comes jam-packed with essential proteins and vitamin B. The presence of iron, calcium, and fiber in beer makes it a much better option than wine.

Beer Fosters Good Heart Health

Several studies show that people who take moderate shots of beer are seen to develop immunity against heart diseases. People on the other hand that don’t drink beer are more prone to getting heart disease.

Research has shown that when you consume an alcoholic drink on a moderate basis. Then this moderate drinking can be associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease.

Kidney Stones can be Removed

Drinking beer could help you in a lot of ways. You reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. For men and women, drinking moderate amounts of beer is associated with a decreased risk of stone formation in the kidney.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol in the Body

Another big benefit of drinking beer is it assists a lot in the reduction of LDL levels. The bad cholesterol can be perfectly controlled with the sparing use of beer. And when you increase the consumption of soluble fiber, this brings along many health benefits. Doing so promotes not only healthy LDL levels but also blood-sugar levels. Alcohol interferes with the body’s capability to absorb essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. 

Gives Strength to Bones

The strength of our bones plays a big role in ensuring the proper metabolism and proper functioning of the body. The dietary silicon also called orthosilicic acid or OSA is important for the bones. And when you drink beer, you get quite a lot of this acid which goes on to provide strength to your bones. Not just the bones but also the connective tissues are provided strength. 

Reduction in Stress Levels

In this day and age, the majority of people are under immense stress. This stress comes from the plenty of essential tasks that need to be completed in a day. However, this problem can be solved with just one glass of beer a day.

What you need to take care of is the amount of beer you consume. Although beer helps relieve stress levels that does not mean you start to excessively take a beer. While your stress will be reduced with alcohol consumption, however, in the long run, you will start to feel a bit depressed. Also, anxiety can kick in with excessive use of alcohol. This is why, when consuming beer, consume only a glass a day.



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