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Different staff members, you need to start a jewellery business in London

Starting a jewellery business of your own can seem a bit intimidating but having the right people to assist you can take a significant amount of load off your shoulders. It doesn’t matter whether your jewellery retail outlet is big or small, having a structural organization in it can go a long way to ensure that things run smoothly. Having a small number of employees who are adept at what they do will enable you to acquire stock in a timely manner, allow the best ornaments to be on display and engage your customers to their full satisfaction. Here’s how you can divide responsibility among staff members in a jewellery business.

Store Manager

A store manager is a person who holds the highest position in the store and leads by example. They work in collaboration with all the team members giving their valuable inputs to the salesperson, bench jewellers and gemmologists whenever necessary. They should be someone with a degree in jewellery designing or gemmology and should have enough knowledge to talk about anything in the field of jewellery ranging from sapphire diamond rings Hatton Garden to gold metal bracelets along with whatever is trending. Additionally, they will need to keep track of the inventory, sales, mark schedules and organize community events.


Gemmologists are an important part of the organization in the jewellery business for they deal with the manufacturers, wholesalers and independent sellers from whom the jewellery business wants to purchase its stocks. They work in coordination with the store managers to discuss the stock purchase and also take a calculated risk in buying rare gems with the idea to start a trend that might become the next big thing in the fashion industry. They should also be well aware of the market price of the finished ornaments, gems and precious metals so as to buy them at the best possible price.

Bench Jewellers

The Bench Jewellers are the creative pillars of any jewellery business. They should have a degree in jewellery designing or must have learnt the same by associating with another bench jeweller. Apart from repairing broken jewellery, the bench jewellers are responsible for creating new jewellery designs and bringing them to life in coordination with the gemmologists who purchase the trending gemstones. They also work along with the salesperson to help the customers who wish to design and buy customized jewellery ornaments.

Sales person

The sales professional in a jewellery store is the first line of contact for the customers who are interested in buying jewellery. They are people who should have great communication and soft skills in order to educate the customers about diamond wedding rings hatton garden and other jewellery types. The sales professional are important in any jewellery business because they hold the power to influence the customer to make a purchase from the store. They should also possess some creativity in order to suggest some designs to those who are looking for customized options.



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