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Chav Burberry reports reports losses

The renowned fashion brand Burberry has reported that shares have decreased by 19%. The sales figures which have been reported were less than what was expected and that profits would be at the lower end of market expectations. In order to learn more, please visit The Slient News.

However, Burberry also said that like-for-like sales in the ten weeks before the 8th September were unchanged. Burberry understands that they are not immune from the global recession and, as with other companies around the world, their sales figures may be weak for some time.

“As we stated in July, the external environment is becoming more challenging” said Angela Ahrendts who is Burberry’s Chief Executive. “In this context, second quarter retail sales growth has slowed against historically high comparatives.” Ahrendts has also said that Burberry will have to outperform competitors in the retail sector if their share prices and profits will be significant again.

One factor which Ahrendts has failed to take into consideration is the perception of her brand. In the United Kingdom, Burberry clothing is a despised sight. It is stereotypically worn by Chav’s who drape themselves in the brand. The sight of a Burberry cap doesn’t signify class anymore. In fact, it shows social deprivation and only the poorest and hated figures of society wear them.

In many places in the United Kingdom, Burberry is worn by these unappealing people as a badge of honour. The character Vicky Pollard from the TV series Little Britain wore clothes which were uncannily similar to Burberry. Her creators, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, made her character so that she could be laughed at.

The reverse effect has happened with the people which Lucas and Walliams parodied. Many regard Pollard as a heroine and someone who represents them. Why looking and acting like Pollard remains a mystery. Little Britain was a very popular show and continues to be televised in many countries around the world. Although Little Britain was first seen in the UK, many nations are now familiar with Pollard and the show’s other characters. Not Lucas’s and Walliams’s intentions, this show has attributed to the demise of Burberry’s popularity and led to it becoming a laughing stock, especially as many people buy Burberry caps at discount stores and at car boot sales where they mimic the phrases which Chav’s are synonymous for saying.

The truth of the matter is that Burberry has ditched their iconic design which has made it the first choice of the Great Unwashed. Now, customers can choose from a range of stylish clothes. Attractive trench coats, skirts and tops which can complete an outfit can be purchased and the much-hated tartan design cannot be seen anywhere.

A wide range of new designs launched by Burberry

Burberry’s new clothing ranges extend to men and children as well. These ranges still retain the iconic chocolate colours but look far more stylish than what customers have been used to in previous years. When looking at their website, the cost for purchasing these clothes might be too expensive for many customers but Burberry has been an affluent fashion retailer for generations.

Despite Burberry’s attempts to reinvent itself, it’s not clear whether it will be regarded as being a high-end clothing brand in the next couple of years. The opinion of Burberry in the United Kingdom has remained unchanged, largely because of Chav’s insistence on wearing their cheap imitations. These people are not even liked at all by much of the UK population, especially as they are described in the media as being the main cause of burglaries and other crimes. Their general disrespect of other people is shocking and anyone who isn’t wearing their type of clothes or looks as though they have spawned eight children whilst not working a day in their life is mocked. Here is a helpful resource Bumber for further information.

However, Burberry will more than likely recover and their new range of clothing will help them to do so. After all, Burberry is a leading brand which was first founded in the 1850’s and it has survived poor profit margins before. Profits may rise and fall but will their public image ever recover from being branded as the ‘Chav’s uniform’? Only time will tell.



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