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Best PDF File Compression Tools

PDF or Portable Document Format is great way to store and transfer your important documents. This file format was developed by Adobe System in the year 1993. It is an open format that can be used and implemented by anyone. PDF file format is used by almost all major business organizations or companies for storing and transfer of important documents. PDF format is also platform independent i.e. it can be read, viewed or supported on any Operating System i.e. Windows, MAC OS, Linux. The only thing that you need to view or read PDF files is PDF viewer software. A PDF file can contain text, images and links.

The main drawback of using pdf files is that their files are relatively larger in size as compared to other document formats such as docx, rtf, txt etc. So here I will tell you on how to reduce the size of your pdf files so that you can send them easily by email over the internet as almost all email services have some file upload limits or restrictions.

Benefits or Advantages of PDF files

  • Preserve the formatting information i.e. fonts, images, indentation, symbols, graphics etc.
  • Secure and Encrypted i.e. can be password protected
  • Can be Digitally Signed for Authentication purposes
  • Easier to print, transfer and store
  • Can be used as Forms

Some Disadvantages of PDF files

  • Relative larger file size
  • Prone to some viruses or malware

How to Compress PDF files Online?

You can reduce pdf file size by using online pdf size compression tools. These online tools are very easy to use, you just have to upload the pdf file, select the compression type option (if available) and select the compress button. After that your compressed pdf file will be generated which can be downloaded to your computer. These tools are very useful in reduction of size of pdf files whose sizes are in MB’s (Megabytes).

Free Tools or Softwares for Compressing PDF files Clique Aqui: Compressor de PDF Soda PDF.

Limitations of file compression software and tools

  • It is necessary to have a proper tool to decompress the compressed file. The user will often be unable to locate such an application either on the system or the internet.
  • Compression is a mathematically intensive procedure. Because of this, it may take a considerable amount of time when we have a significant number of files that need to be compressed. Additionally, the amount of compression varies depending on the methodology utilized. Hence, the compression time also varies.
  • During the data compression process, the methods for data compression are going to use up precious system resources since they are a system-intensive operation. The “out of memory” error may sometimes appear in specific systems with fewer resources than the data compression technique requires. This happens when the error occurs.
  • It’s possible that the antivirus software on your computer won’t be able to check a compressed file for viruses and other forms of malware. Consequently, your computer might be at risk of being infected by files that include viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and other forms of malicious software. These are the kinds of apps that may render your computer useless.
  • If you transfer a compressed file to another person over the internet, email, or on a computer network, it is possible that the recipient will not be able to access the file if they do not have software that can uncompress it. Including a link where users may download a tool that is either free or shareware to uncompress the file is a simple way to get around this disadvantage.


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