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best apps like Showbox you can download

If you’re a fan of free media streaming services, you’ve probably heard of Showbox. It is one of the best alternatives to subscription-based apps like Amazon Prime Video & More Reviews and Netflix, providing you with a smooth and easy-to-use user interface for browsing through an extensive library of TV series and movies. In addition, Showbox partners with many torrent sites and clients to stream content to viewers. However, Showbox eventually stopped working in 2018, preventing users from accessing its content library. In this article, we explore ‌ and suggest a list of the best apps like Showbox you can download.

Popcorn Time

A popular torrenting service that lets you open and stream videos instantly. It offers an extensive catalog of movies and TV shows and constantly adds new content. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount of content you can view. You can change subtitles, video quality, default language, and more through the available settings.

The service is available for Android, Windows, macOS, Android TV, iOS, and Linux. As for the interface, it’s easy to navigate and has similar apps like Showbox, Netflix, or Hulu, allowing you to search for titles that interest you by keyword. You will not find a better torrent client with an integrated media player than Popcorn Time!

Cinema HD

The best apps like Showbox. Movie HD, also known as Cinema APK, is one of the best Showbox alternatives for enjoying movies. The service offers a huge collection of titles, so there is something for everyone to see. In addition, new content is added daily, and the catalog is up-to-date with regular visitors. Video quality is good and you can get a better experience by taking advantage of its real-debated support.

If you want to use Movie HD on your device, you need to download and install the APK from its website. But before doing so, make sure that your antivirus program is enabled without accidentally downloading malware (APKs are dangerous if you do not get them from trusted sources and websites).

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free video streaming service loaded with great TV shows and movies apps like Showbox. Users must sign up with their name, email address, and date of birth to use the service. The content catalog is very extensive (up to 20,000 titles to choose from) and is organized by categories such as Horror, Documentaries, Action, Comedy, and Classics.

Relatively new releases are added weekly, ensuring that you have the latest content for your entertainment needs. All content in the service is ad-supported, but the video quality is in high definition (HD). In terms of navigation, it is straightforward thanks to the modern and user-friendly interface. However, Tubi TV is only available in the United States.


Codi is a media player that provides users with access to TV shows, movies, live channels, sports, and more. Seren, Exodus Redox, WiFi Movies HD, The Magic Dragon, Exodus, 13 Clowns, and Yoda are some good chicken add-ons that allow you to stream TV shows and movies without paying a single penny.

The app may not be the same as the Showbox, but it is a good replacement app like Showbox if you know how to use it properly. You can install Codi on a wide variety of devices, including Amazon Firestick, iOS, Android, Roku, macOS, Apple TV, and Windows. The best part of all? Since the software is open-source, it is constantly updated and monitored by a large community of volunteers.

Pluto TV

Another popular alternative app like Showbox is Pluto TV. The streaming service is free to use and provides access to over 100 live channels along with thousands of movies and TV shows. Video quality is high and has content that you can watch on a variety of desktop, mobile, and smart TV platforms.

The long-awaited search feature is now available, allowing users to easily find their favorite movie or TV show. Although the service is available in some countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, only US users can enjoy the entire content. This is because Pluto TV imposes some geographical restrictions on viewers outside the US.


Crackle TV offers a huge list of shows and movies for your viewing pleasure. The free streaming service owned by Sony is home to hundreds of originals and classics from Sony. Additionally, new content is always added, which is a great option to see your favorite titles. You can also create and manage your personal watch list.

The platform has an excellent interface and user experience because you can filter your searches by actor or genre (Filter Comedy, Action, Crime, Horror, and Science Fiction). These apps like Showbox and Tubi TV and Pluto TV, Crackle is also geographically restricted and has ad-supported, be it any free service, streaming or anything else.


Stremio is a apps like Showbox and media center app. It allows users to search, view and manage content from easily installable add-ons such as YouTube, Vodo, WatchHub, Netflix, Jookley, RRBG, Open Videos, and X Addon.

Chromecast is supported, which means you have the ability to stream content from your phone and desktop to the app. Stremio is available on a wide range of devices including iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.

Playbox HD

Playbox HD is the only app on this list that has a look and similar apps like Showbox. The service offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other content that can be streamed for free on Android and iOS devices.

When it comes to video quality, you will not be disappointed as most of the content on the platform is available in HD. The app’s user interface is easy to use, but its Chrome cast support allows you to watch videos on the big screen.


Hulu is Similar apps like Showbox, its content library is updated almost daily. The streaming service offers a wide variety of on-demand and lives content from popular networks such as Disney, CBS, AMC, NBC, Crunchyroll, and more.

It supports two simultaneous streams per account and also allows you to download selected movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

Titanium TV

Titanium TV offers a huge list of TV shows and movies to choose from. Whether you are looking for the latest episodes of your favorite series or recently released movies, you can find them here. Video quality is good and you can even use Titanium TV on Fire TV and Fire Stick devices. Titanium Tv is one of the famous apps like Showbox.



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