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7 similar sites to 123movies

123 Movies is the most popular online movie platform where people watch their favorite movie in HD quality. This site is free. This online streaming site not only offers movies but you can also see a variety of new television series without registration. From this, you can guess that this platform is easy to use because it is also very popular.

But over the past few months, 123 movies have not worked smoothly and many people have begun to like other sites with similar features. Here we give you amazing sites like 123movies. This will keep the movie lover connected to the world of entertainment and listed below:


Vumpoo is a popular website for online streaming movies. These sites allow their customer to watch movies free as well as download that movie without any registration. After searching many sites like 123movies, we found Vumpoo. We realized that this site is the best alternative. You will be surprised to know that the graphical interface of this site is better and more attractive than 123 Movies. The ideal subdivision of the categories and accurate alignment provides a great experience to their use is convenient. You can approach your desired movie directly from the home page.

Yes, Movies:

The fact that makes Yes Movies the second most highly recommended feature is its large database. Thanks to the wide database, streaming speed travels much faster and also has a much smaller number of advertisements compared to all the other channels. Ads are really annoying to the user. It is best sites like 123movies. If the number of ads decreases, the user experience will improve. In general, users like yes movies because of the variety of content whether it is a TV series or a movie on Ultra.


FMovies holds the 3rd position in the sites like 123movies which can successfully meet the satisfaction of the movie lover. Most websites may have HD or Ultra HD video streaming services but do not support subtitles for selected content. While here, there is no such limit of subtitles regardless of the movie.

Watch movies for Free.

From the top attractions for online streaming movies sites like 123movies, watch free movies one of them. It has an excellent level of integration and editing that allows the user to have an idea of ​​getting its quality. The main reason for its widespread acceptance is a large number of users that the website is regularly maintained and kept up to date. In fact, most websites are outdated or standard content available on all other websites, but here you will find the most recent content before any other website.

Show Box

When you talk about online streaming of movies or the flexibility of web series is very important to remember the fact that Show Box evolves flawlessly. Some of its features are just like YouTube. There are three different features. You can watch online then second you can download the website for the third time you can save it on the server for later viewing. It has a perfect combination of design and integrity of the API that makes it easy to use. Also, you don’t have to go through any kind of Survey to watch any movie for free. Show Box gives you an amazing experience; therefore, it is highly recommended sites like 123movies for all users.

Go Movies

we can only say that Go movie is an updated sites like 123movies. The reason it speaks so well is its functional design and sound collection of mesmerizing web series depending on the user experience. It has everything a full online streaming website needs but even though it is ranked 8th it is because of its ads. It is clear that the website needs money for its server maintenance and thus benefits to meet these needs the website includes other ads.

Solar Movies

As we all know that the first thing that comes before the user is the interface, and then the design. Solar movies are easy to use. It has a clear step-by-step guide for users with the help of which you can download movies by some shortcut method. This website is highly recommended for phone users and does not have very fast internet. Clearly, using the Internet on a PC or laptop consumes more information than a mobile phone. Solar Movies is achieving a large number of users in the last 1 year and also become a popular site like 123movies



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