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4 Tips to Protect Your Growing Cannabis Industry

As a person who has invested a lot of money in their business, the security and growth of your business might be highly concerning for you. In the past, robbers used to target banks if they wanted large sums of cash quickly. But nowadays, cannabis retail stores attract many thieves.

Many states have legalized cannabis, but it is still illegal per federal law. This means that businesses related to such fields are very cash-resilient because they are not able to accept credit cards. Here are some tips that will help you protect a cannabis establishment, as security is a top priority.

1. Train Your Staff

The most important thing to do while securing your establishment is to train your staff via virtual exercises and drills to provide adequate security to cannabis establishments, including knowledge of applicable state laws.

It is crucial for your staff to know how to handle any active shootings, burglaries, and robberies. Criminals are often more active at night in the dark, which helps them to hide their identities. Your staff needs to be hyper-active and cautious in these situations.

In some states, employees must be trained for such situations. This can help them to focus on both security and de-escalating situations. 

2. Consider Online Payment Methods

The second important thing you should consider is online payment methods. It can sometimes be hard for such businesses to rely on online payment methods, but it is the safest way to circulate money.

Using cryptocurrency for payments can sometimes be a better option than cash because printed cash can be prone to counterfeiting, whereas, on the other hand, cryptocurrencies are designed to avoid counterfeiting. 

The best way to get your money is by relying on banks. Getting a bank account for a cannabis dispensary can be a complete game-changer. It will be most secure for you to open an account for the safest transactions. 

3. Install Video Surveillance and Lighting

Another thing you can do to secure your cannabis facility is to make sure that your facility has a high-quality 24/7 video surveillance system that can protect your products, assets, and people. Indoor and outdoor surveillance is required and even dictated by state law.

A surveillance system not only helps you monitor the activities of outsiders, but it is also a fantastic way to watch for employee theft. An employee who knows about the surveillance system would never try to steal anything from your facility.

Installing proper lights can be another way to secure your facility. As discussed above, criminals are more active at night as they can perform criminal activities without getting caught and hide their identities in the dark. Install lights around your facility to be more secure.

4. Ensure Proper Locking Mechanisms

You need to make sure that your dispensary has a proper locking mechanism. Most of the dispensaries or drug stores are primarily open 24/7, but anything can happen that can make you close it and go away. 

Retail businesses may require customers to be buzzed in, and cultivation areas often require specific types of fencing.



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