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3 Effective Ways to Tackle Kratom Stagnant Strain Syndrome

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If you are a kratom connoisseur, you must know about Stagnant Strain Syndrome (SSS). This refers to the diminishing potency of a single kratom strain, which a user continues to take for a long time. This is a type of kratom tolerance observed in many users. 

More about Stagnant Strain Syndrome 

Let’s take an example to understand SSS better:

ABC visits a kratom shop and buys a white Maeng Da strain of the herb. He is excited to use this herb. In the beginning, he experiences magnificent effects, similar to what he had read in the articles. 

Thereafter, ABC takes the white kratom powder every morning. It becomes his ritual. Days pass. Gradually, he notices that the white strain no longer, produces the effect it used to. 

This is a classic example of stagnant strain, in this case, the white strain. ABC is experiencing SSS. 

So what should ABC do? 

Before we get an answer to this question, know this: 

In spite of the fact that White Maeng Da Kratom Powder is regarded as a powerful strain, the user experiences stagnation. This shows that it does not matter how powerful a strain is, if you continue to use it for a long time, you will soon find its power diminishing, not as a whole, but particularly for you.

How does stagnation happen? 

Stagnation, you can say, is another term for tolerance, but in this case, tolerance is only for the particular strain.

Continuing with the example above, ABC’s body has become habitual of the white Maeng Da strain. His brain no longer, gets the “kick.” As a result, he fails to experience the desired effects.

In this case, ABC may increase the dose. He may buy more of the kratom products. However, he will soon find that increasing the dose does not work either because the brain is “bored” of the same strain. Besides, increasing the dose is a bad idea. There will come a time when ABC will cross the dose limit and put himself at health risk unnecessarily. 

So, coming back to the question: 

What should ABC do? 

Ways to tackle Stagnant Strain Syndrome

According to herb experts, you can tackle SSS in three ways. All are effective. See what way suits you the best. 

  1. Change the strain 

This is a simple and powerful way to come out of the syndrome. Kratom in Alaska is available in various strains, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding another strain.

ABC was taking white Maeng Da strain. He can now use green Maeng Da. 

  1. Change the variety

Instead of using the Maeng Da variety, ABC can use the Bali variety of kratom. Each variety has its characteristics and set of effects. This change can send your brain into a “refresh mode” and wash off the stagnation. 

  1. Go kratom free

Another choice that ABC has is to stop taking kratom for a while. Resume taking it after a week. 

If you are like ABC and are experiencing Stagnant Strain Syndrome, use one of the above ways to come out of it. Don’t forget to buy pure kratom by searching “kratom shop near me.”



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